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Toxictoons !

It’s Halloween in February, baby ! The infamous Reverend Frost & Eric Pigors are joining forces… Yes boys & ghouls, an exclusive track from His Frostiness to pay tribute to our dear Unkle Pigors’ cryptic art ! (You can call it ‘the official Toxictoons soundtrack, song #1’) Muwuwuhahaha!!! And don’t forget to visit ! [...]

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A Frosty Christmas

Ladies & gentlemen, again, thanks so much to all who bought the cd, frankly, we never sold that much records… Keep ‘em orders flying, while stocks last! So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And while we’re in the joyful mood, I have a little something for you… Yes, ’tis the season, so [...]

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‘The Lame Shall Enter First’ OUT NOW !

HOORAY ! Happy Release Day ! Ladies and Gentlemen, The new album, ‘THE LAME SHALL ENTER FIRST’, is available worldwide today ! OUT NOW ON OUR ONLINE STORE Get you beautiful physical signed Bloodypack CD right now! Also available on digital download & streaming on these online stores: Featuring thirteen tracks, the all-Frosty-produced album is [...]

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