Bonjour à tous, Another free announcement : I have joined Bandcamp, the number one selling platform for independent musicians and labels worldwide. The Bandcamp page contains all my releases, on cds and digital formats (high quality) – which means, you can still buy cds here on, and on Bandcamp as well. Isn’t that great? […]

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Today’s the day. The new album ‘Mysteries & Manners’  by Rev. Tom Frost is out now. Order here: Digipack CD, and also available on digital download on these online stores: NO STREAMING « Rockabilly. Gospel. Blues. Surf. Trash. These are the sounds most Rock & Roll bands are trying to accomplish when bringing us a new […]

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From the forthcoming LP ‘Mysteries & Manners’ ! Written & performed by Thomas Birnbacher (but you already knew it) © 2016

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‘The Frost Ghost EP’, OUT NOW

Good day to you all, Today, we celebrate the release of my first orchestral works… Thomas Birnbacher – THE FROST GHOST EP, OUT NOW AVAILABLE AT ALL DIGITAL RETAILERS: ⇥ iTunes ⇥ 7digital (high-quality 24-bit/44.1kHz FLAC) ⇥ Amazon ⇥ Spotify ⇥ Deezer and 25 boutiques more… Hope you’ll like this little ghost… Next to follow, […]

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Upcoming Release : ‘THE FROST GHOST EP’

Dear friends, some of you may have heard: When I’m not rock’n’rolling, I’m still writing music. e.g. music for films, under my real name. So, just before the new record of your favorite Reverend is released, we’re very proud to announce the upcoming of a first tiny orchestral works, musique concrète, spirituous sounds, or soundtrack, […]

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Tall Oak Tree !

Ladies & Gentlemen, good day to ya’ll. Here’s the first track of my forthcoming album ‘Mysteries & Manners’, my sensitive rendition of Mr. Dorsey Burnette’s ‘Tall Oak Tree’. O’ Thee Humility…it’ll be a KICKASS album Thanks for your time!

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New Album ! Again !

Rev. Tom Frost ‘MYSTERIES & MANNERS’ brand new album, COMING SOON (It was a very good year, hell yeah)

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Toxictoons !

It’s Halloween in February, baby ! The infamous Reverend Frost & Eric Pigors are joining forces… Yes boys & ghouls, an exclusive track from His Frostiness to pay tribute to our dear Unkle Pigors’ cryptic art ! (You can call it ‘the official Toxictoons soundtrack, song #1’) Muwuwuhahaha!!! And don’t forget to visit ! […]

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A Frosty Christmas

Ladies & gentlemen, again, thanks so much to all who bought the cd, frankly, we never sold that much records… Keep ’em orders flying, while stocks last! So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And while we’re in the joyful mood, I have a little something for you… Yes, ’tis the season, so […]

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