Halloweeeeeeeen !!!!!


Yes my fiends, you’re not dreaming ! (Or maybe you are, but that’s not the point.)

OK OK OK, I know, the blog is OVER, but…aw’c’mon, I received a ton of emails asking me to do a LAST halloweeeeeeeen mix !

You’re right, the bloody mixes couldn’t go away like this, and after all, and what’s the true meaning of halloween if it’s not diggin’ up the bones and bring deads back to life !

So there you are, here’s yer horrible mix for this witching season,

And here’s the thing, I recorded TWO songs (included here) in a hurry, ‘The Naked Witch’ (see previous post), and ‘The Frostenstein Stomp’, I hope you’ll dig ’em !

And I really want to thank you, once more, yes, each one of you, for all the emails, comments and all on the holy blog, for your kindness, and strangeness as well !



Bring The Music !

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix, Part 18 ! (67:07)
Tracklist :
01. Intro
02. Rev. Tom Frost – The Naked Witch
03. The Cramps – The Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon
04. Fred Flintstone & His Orchestra – Quarry In Stone Rock
05. The Monstrosities – Dance Along With Dracula (Doin’ The Drac)
06. Hutch Davie – Gwendolyn And The Werewolf
07. Jack The Ripper – I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon
08. George Jackson – Miss Frankenstein
09. The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies – The Wild Ride of Ichabod Crane
10. Screaming Lord Sutch – Purple People Eater
11. Buchanan & Goodman – Frankenstein Returns (Part II)
12. Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars – Green Monster
13. The Salmas Brothers – Zombie
14. Gene Moss And The Monsters – Monster Bossa Nova
15. Jack Marshall – The Ghoul
16. Joe Johnson – Gila Monster
17. Freddy Countryman – The Raven
18. The Duetts – My Love’s A Monster
19. Johnny Perry – The Voo-Doo Man
20. Frankie Stein And His Ghouls – Weerdo The Wolf
21. Dick Robinson – The Boppin’ Martian
22. Milton DeLugg – Prisoner Of Zelda
23. The Sinners – Nightmare
24. Mann Drake & The Ft. Knox Trio- Vampire’s Ball
25. The Patriots & Durward Kirby – Crime Doesn’t Pay!
26. James Bernard – Dracula
27. Rev. Tom Frost – The Frostenstein Stomp



And here’s the list of all the previous mixes !!!!
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(I’ve noticed that the 13th mix has been downloaded 666 times…the power of Frost compels you !)

AND a quick reminder:
In case you missed it, « Garage Monsters – The Best of the GaragePunk Hideout, Vol. 9 » was officially released !
It’s quite a whopper, clocking in with 33 bands (including your host and the bloody song, ‘A Bloody Life’, and ‘The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies’, included here) and over an hour and 37 minutes of spooked-out craziness!
More info HERE !

And don’t forget to catch this mighty Podcast cooked by the great Ixnay Ray at ‘Way Past Cool‘, it features 5 tracks of my little self !
Get it HERE !
(Thanks so much Steve!)


So, I hope you’ll enjoy this last halloweeeeeeeen one (well, you never know with me),
I did it for me, I did it for YOU !


Until next,
Cheers !
Rev. Frost

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13 Responses to “Halloweeeeeeeen !!!!!”

  1. Mysterious Paul

    Hell yeah Rev!
    I know you wouldn’t let us down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mt

    Yeah. The reverend saved my life!

    Praise him!


  4. CW

    Thanks! Another great mix!

  5. Dr. Zunga

    you nailed it again!

  6. Synchrom

    Thank You! it just wouldn’t be the same without you!

  7. batgrl

    Hey thank you SO much! It was seeming very non Halloween without a Bloody Halloween mix!



    All the best from Spain

  9. Cheers !
    (yep, I’ll try to make one bloody halloween mix once a year !)

  10. Your Halloween mixes are such a delight. You clearly take the time to do a good job, and I love the rare songs and the cover tunes I’ve never heard before. I hope you continue to fire one off every year.

  11. Rev. Frost

    Thank you very much, I’m in the middle of making a new one !
    What’s 2013 without a bloody Halloween mix…
    Stay tuned !

  12. Eddie LF

    RapidShare says « file not found » when I try to download the 18th mix. Any chance of getting a reupload?

    Love all of the Halloween mixes, btw! I listen to horror surf/punk and old spooky songs throughout the year, but these mixes are the one thing I make myself wait until September before playing. Pumped that you’re making a new this year!

  13. Fixed ! (at least I think so…)
    Thanx !

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