Halloweeeeeeeen (Part 19) !!!


As you all know, there were some serious political debates this year, and the one who caused the most stress disorder was…
‘Is there going to be a new Bloody Halloween mix this year, or what?’

It was on everybody’s lips, and after mucho considerations, thee Halloween concil answered with a (bloody) YES !
I’m repeating myself here : ‘what’s the true meaning of halloween if it’s not diggin’ up the bones and bring deads back to life !’
(I love to quote myself, that’s what the internet is all about, right?)

So there you are, here’s yer ANNUAL horrible mix for thee witching season,

And I really want to thank you, once again, for asking me (all year!) to do one more mix this year.
Don’t laugh, but I even got a ‘threat’ of someone who said, and I quote again:
‘Please Rev’, do a bloody mix this year, and I’ll buy your own bloody new album’
Also, BIG THANKS to the bloody Eric Pigors for pushing me, the first, to do another one !
If you don’t know Eric (naaah, c’mon), you’d better check his artwork, he’s freakin’ brilliant.

So, I’m very pleased to see that you’re as much crazy as I am…
I truly hope you’ll enjoy this new Halloweeeeeeeen Mix !


Bring The Music, Once More !

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Halloween Mix, Part 19 ! (70:35)
Tracklist :
01. Intro
02. Telekrimen – La Mosca
03. Ronnie Dawson – Up Jumped The Devil
04. Boogey Men Interlude (‘Lullaby Land’)
05. Salty Holmes – The Ghost Song
06. The Nightmares – Horrors of the Black Museum
07. Messer Chups – Hollywood Devils
08. King Belmonte and His Afro-American Music – In The Hall Of The Cha-Cha
09. Ralph Smedley – Suffocate
10. Haunted George – The Chooper
11. Singing Busts Interlude
12. Bloodshot Bill – Homicide
13. Radio All-Star Novelty Orchestra – Mysterious Mose
14. Brian & Gary & The Chain Rattlers – Do The Frankie
15. King Memphis – Shark Bait
16. Bob McFadden with Jack Hansen & The Transylvanians – Dracula Cha-Cha-Cha
17. Akira Ifukube – The Invulnerable (‘Monster Godzilla Vs The Thing’)
18. The Statesmen – Everybody’s Gonna Have A Terrible Time Down There
19. The Vibro Champs – Martian Trip
20. The Gimicks – Sneaky Snail
21. The Del-Aires – Zombie Stomp (‘Horror Of Beach Party’)
22. John Zacherley – Limb From Limbo Rock
23. The Apemen – Surf Dracula
24. Lord Executor – Seven Skeletons Found In The Yard
25. Ron Barrett – Spooky Movies
26. Gene Moss And The Monsters – Monster Hootenanny
27. The Finger Cymbals – Prowl
28. Bobby Christian & the Allen Sisters – The Spider & The Fly
29. Jerry Collins & The Blackburn Twins – That Tickles
30. Johnny Cale – Shock Hop
31. The Ghastly Ones – Think Fink
32. Frank De Vol – House On Haunted Hill
33. Bernard Herrmann – Finale Journey to the Center of the Earth



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AND a quick reminder:
My new cd ‘Bloody Works’ is selling well (thaaaaaaanks), so, hurry the fuck up and order your copy at the store, when there’s none left, errr there’ll be none left ! !!!


Until next,
Cheers !
Rev. Frost

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6 Responses to “Halloweeeeeeeen (Part 19) !!!”

  1. a

    Aw yeahhhh!!!! NOW my Halloween is truly complete.

    (p.s. this site has two comment boxes and one of them doesn’t work!)

  2. Dr Rex

    a bloody thank you, it’s awesome

  3. Eric

    Thank you. Listening to your 15th Mix right now. Spoooooooooky!!

  4. Bruce McKee

    After a ####### day at work I was trawling around the net and by chance I found your latest ‘piece of work’.
    A brilliant end to a baaaaaaad day!!
    Cheers Rev,

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