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The new album ‘Mysteries & Manners’  by Rev. Tom Frost is out now.

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Rev. Tom Frost - Every Goddam Thing to Hell

« Rockabilly. Gospel. Blues. Surf. Trash. These are the sounds most Rock & Roll bands are trying to accomplish when bringing us a new album. Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes they fail. They rarely manage to do justice to all of these styles. Then there’s Reverend Tom Frost who somehow manages to take a chainsaw to all these genres and create something unique and very much his own. Whoopin’ and hollerin’, preachin’ and testifyin’ and yelling his way through 17 tracks. So prepare yourself for gut crunching guitars, skull smashing drums, Mariachi horns and eerie organ sounds evoking the atmosphere of a Zombie Biker Spaghetti Western mixed with the drunken ramblings of a psychotic preacher – in a good way! One minute you’ll be dancing around like a maniac, next minute you’ll be hiding under the covers. Proof that Rock & Roll is alive and kicking in Europe. Buy a copy of this album but be careful… The Reverend is not here for your cash, he’s here for your SOUL! »
Ixnayray – host of the Way Past Cool Podcast

« ‘Mysteries and Manners’ is a killer, ghosted, fright-fest, full of tribal rhythm, hoodoo voodoo,  and dirty deeds done in stormy dark nights.
(Frost’s) voice is a crunched gravel Pentecostal preacher, testifyin’ in tongues and lust, salvation and sleaze, full of stomping, sin-fueled rave-up, soul sold twistin’ hallelujah, hay-baled scuzz, Satan-blessed nightmare, you wake in a terror sweat, fumbling for the dial, radio tuned into crackly transmission from the blessed damned, all-night DJ spinning the soundtrack for the end of days, the jukejoint full of skeletons rattling sacred bones into dust, the pork pie pianist with burning fingers laughing in flames, unchained ghosts dancing about the shimmy wobble, sing Glory! Glory! »
Outhouse Moon, 2016

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