Demos & Spells & Unreleased Songs, 2006/2016

Rev. Frost’s Bloody 2017 Album !
This record contains demos and spells and unreleased songs.
Recorded between 2006 and 2016.
No way, Jose.

Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman
Silver Moon (version 2)
In My Time Of Dying
The Haunter
The Pale White Horse (Black Cabin Chant)
John The Revelator
The Desert Snake
Take Me Like I Am
The Sinner’s King (El Morricoño Returns)
Burning Love (version 2)
Brainless Society Social Club
Touch Me
Theme For Diabolo Jr.
You’ve Got To Die
A Whiskey Interlude (Bonus track)

Out October 25th, 2017
available exclusively as a digital album on Bandcamp:

© & ℗ 2017 – STGW Records 999005

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Mysteries & Manners

Rev. Frost’s Bloody New 2016 Album !

(There Was A) Tall Oak Tree
Arena !
Golden Days, Red Hot Night
One Man Woman
The Dark Road
Thunder & I
Dead Fun
That Lucky Old Sun
High Love
A Stranger Called Dragon
The Weed & The Frost
Hey, Brother, Pour The Wine
Castin’ My Spell
Can The Circle Be Unbroken
Wile E. Coyote

Out September 30th, 2016
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Rev. Tom Frost - Every Goddam Thing to Hell

© & ℗ 2016 – STGW Records 999004

« Rockabilly. Gospel. Blues. Surf. Trash. These are the sounds most Rock & Roll bands are trying to accomplish when bringing us a new album. Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes they fail. They rarely manage to do justice to all of these styles. Then there’s Reverend Tom Frost who somehow manages to take a chainsaw to all these genres and create something unique and very much his own. Whoopin’ and hollerin’, preachin’ and testifyin’ and yelling his way through 17 tracks. So prepare yourself for gut crunching guitars, skull smashing drums, Mariachi horns and eerie organ sounds evoking the atmosphere of a Zombie Biker Spaghetti Western mixed with the drunken ramblings of a psychotic preacher – in a good way! One minute you’ll be dancing around like a maniac, next minute you’ll be hiding under the covers. Proof that Rock & Roll is alive and kicking in Europe. Buy a copy of this album but be careful… The Reverend is not here for your cash, he’s here for your SOUL! »
Ixnayray – host of the Way Past Cool Podcast

« ‘Mysteries and Manners’ is a killer, ghosted, fright-fest, full of tribal rhythm, hoodoo voodoo,  and dirty deeds done in stormy dark nights.
(Frost’s) voice is a crunched gravel Pentecostal preacher, testifyin’ in tongues and lust, salvation and sleaze, full of stomping, sin-fueled rave-up, soul sold twistin’ hallelujah, hay-baled scuzz, Satan-blessed nightmare, you wake in a terror sweat, fumbling for the dial, radio tuned into crackly transmission from the blessed damned, all-night DJ spinning the soundtrack for the end of days, the jukejoint full of skeletons rattling sacred bones into dust, the pork pie pianist with burning fingers laughing in flames, unchained ghosts dancing about the shimmy wobble, sing Glory! Glory! »
Outhouse Moon, 2016

Hear ‘The Dark Road’ :

The Lame Shall Enter First

Rev. Frost’s Bloody New 2015 Album !

El Morricoño
Love, Love Alone
Theme From ‘Zombie Chopper Run’
Hey Bartender
The Lone Grave
Burning Love
Desert Song III
Hard Working Man
The Good, The Bad & The Hava
A Swallow Song
Theme From ‘Gandhi Spy’
The Lame Shall Enter First
Retour à Silence

Out on NOVEMBER 17th, 2015
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© & ℗ 2015 – STGW Records 999002

‘El Rev.Tom Frost tiene nuevo disco, el cuarto, y es toda una sorpresa. Tocando él todos los instrumentos (exceptuando los de viento) construye un trabajo que pasa como una exhalación. En su mayor parte instrumental pero con algún tema cantado como la versión del « Burning Love » de Elvis. 13 temas con un gran sonido conseguido por su propia producción.’
IROLA IRRATIA 107.5 fm, 2015

‘Après la première écoute, je me disais « c’est toujours très bien, c’est même peut-être son meilleur album… mais bordel, qu’est-ce que je vais pouvoir en dire que je n’ai déjà dit sur les précédents ? »’
Music Lodge, 2016

Hear ‘Theme From ‘Zombie Chopper Run » :

Bloody Works

Rev. Frost’s Bloody 2013 Album !

All songs arranged, recorded, mixed and produced by Thomas Birnbacher.

The Naked Witch/Gotta Travel On/Burn Down Your House/Frère Jack/The Low Road/Adam & Evil/El Pesadilla/
The Snake/Lonely Traveler/The Tale Of HamHam The Wise/Love Hurts/Hanging Johnny/The CroCro Boogie

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Rev. Tom Frost - South of Hell, France ! (7th Anniversary Edition) Rev. Tom Frost - Every Goddam Thing to Hell

© & ℗ 2013 – STGW Records

‘Reverend Frost has been blowing out the roof of Waits/Cramps/Trash inspired music for awhile now…and on this record his voice becomes truly his own…a mélange of horror and sleaze, executed with chilling brilliance, a soundtrack to yr darkest dreams….Bloody, indeed….satan’s envoy banging guitar, piano intonation garbage can joy, beating the gore encrusted buckets raw with the stuff of nightmare and bad dreams. A gloriously loud and infernal barrelhouse boogie sending ya straight to hell, demons and creepy creatures intact!’
Big Rock Candy Mountain, 2014

‘Bloody Works, son 3° album, est son meilleur. (…) Un album rageur et accrocheur qui fonce à toute berzingue, avec quelques petits passages plus contrastés mais sans temps mort… du rock, du vrai, à l’état brut, celui auquel le genre a toujours besoin de revenir régulièrement pour ne pas perdre son âme.’
Music Lodge, 2013

‘Bloody Works is the Rev’s third album and your first stop in his discography. The others are fantastic and you will need to purchase them for the full experience, but start here. It’s bloody brilliant.’
The Novel Sound, 2013

Hear ‘The Naked Witch’ :

Hear ‘Burn Down Your House’ :

South Of Hell, France ! [7th Anniversary Edition]

Original LP + 11 bonus tracks !

Deep River/I Walk The Line/All The Way Home/White Lightning/Sway/I Saw The Light/Way Down In The Hole/
Desert Song/Mercedes Benz/You Belong To Me/
Madman/County Hell (Hanging Johnny’s Rope)/Saint James Infirmary/
Come On Little Mama/Sweet Love On My Mind/Midnight Train/Little Death/Everybody’s In The Tomb/
I’m Going Back Home/Desert Song II (Demo)/We Shall All Be Reunited

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Rev. Tom Frost - South of Hell, France ! (7th Anniversary Edition) Rev. Tom Frost - Every Goddam Thing to Hell

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Originally Released by Closed For Private Party Records, New-York, Usa – © 2006
7th Anniversary Edition, STGW Records – © 2013

(Credits & Story here)

‘What it really sounds like is something that would come from a dusty old 45, full of burly, southern rhythm and blues.
His latest release, South of Hell, France, rocks like a young, belligerent and drunk Jerry Lee Lewis.’
Sleepy Talk, 2006

‘It’s as if Dick Valentine (from Electric Six) and Tom Waits were merged into one person and decided to do a bunch of old-timey covers.’
A Sea Of Tears Yet To Be Cried, 2006

Hear ‘Madman’ :

Hear ‘We Shall All Be Reunited’ :

Everything Goes To Hell

Every Goddam Thing To Hell

13 Original Tracks
Recorded at ‘The Crypt’, Paris, France.

Dust To Dust/A Bloody Life/Whoopee/The Tombstone Hymn/Black Cabin/(All You Have To Do Is) Die/Hell Hole/Wolf/
Every Goddam Thing To Hell/Silver Moon/That Way/Troubled Mind/Ashes To Ashes

Written and Performed by Thomas ‘Rev. Frost’ Birnbacher

Digipack CD, and also available on digital download & streaming on these online stores:

Rev. Tom Frost - Every Goddam Thing to Hell   Rev. Tom Frost - Every Goddam Thing to Hell    

© 2011 – A Black Cabin Record –

‘Perennial Mountain fave Reverend Frost gives us a proper album and a hell of a 7″. Rickety, creaky, jesus on a bender trash galore, Tom Waits meets the Cramps in a rumble, knives pulled, there’s gonna blood on the moon tonight, and the horror movie in yr mind is a living thing, greasy and jumpin’ jive.  The Devil’s on yr tail, the road is winding, with only one headlight and the breaks are out, the darkest canyon below, belching fire, and who’s yr savior?’
Big Rock Candy Mountain, January 2013

‘(…)Les titres sont variés, efficaces, énergiques, entêtants à souhait, toujours dynamiques sans jamais être bourrins.
On plonge à pieds joints dans les bouges marécageux de la Nouvelle Orléans, abreuvé de Jack Daniels.
Le piano boogie (Ashes To Ashes) fait place au rockabilly (Whoopee) ou à la ballade chicanos (Silver Moon)…
Un superbe disque qui envoie le steack du diable de Tasmanie dans les burnes, je vous dis !
Disque de chevet de votre dévoué chroniqueur…(…)’
Jerry Slide, Radiolux, May 2013

Hear ‘Whoopee’ :

Hear ‘Silver Moon’ :

South Of Hell, France

South Of Hell, France

Recorded At ‘The Crypt’, South of Hell, France, December 2005.
Released by Closed For Private Party Records, New-York, Usa.

Deep River/I Walk The Line/All The Way Home/White Lightning/Sway/I Saw The Light/Way Down In The Hole/
Desert Song/Mercedes Benz/You Belong To Me

© 2006 / All Noises Performed and Produced by Rev. Frost


Hear ‘Way Down In The Hole’ :

Hear ‘You Belong To Me’ :


Free EP’s

Cover The Horror Show

Rev. Tom Frost Meets Mr. Monsterhead – ‘Thee Horror Show, Part I’

Split EP – 8 Original tracks for your Halloween Bash !
Recorded At ‘The Dark Room’, Paris, France, October 2010.
(Available only via the holy blog – An horrible Halloween present)

Rev. Frost-> The Night Of The Frost/Halloween (A Bloody Night)/A Frostenstein Tale/Skeleton Chant
Mr. Monsterhead-> The  »Feed on Corpses » Boogie/Nobody’s Scream/When the Moon Turns Red…/There is No Escape From the Grave


‘(…)Les quatre premiers morceaux sont ainsi signés par le Révérend. Avec une mélodie étrange et sombre jouée à l’orgue, « the night of the frost » ouvre le split avec brio. L’autre instrumental, « skeleton chant » est du même tonneau avec toujours cette ambiance glauque à souhait.
Le révérend nous fait tout de même profiter de sa voix de crooner abimé, façon Tom Waits, sur le rock’n’roll gloomy « halloween (a bloody night) » ainsi que de son talent de story teller sur « a frostenstein tale ».
Ces quatre morceaux seraient parfaits comme b.o. d’un remake déjanté de la « famille Adams » ou de « l’étrange noël de Mr Jack(…) »‘
Alternative Sound, 2010

Hear ‘The Night Of The Frost’ :

Hear ‘A Frostenstein Tale’ :

Santa Frost ('Tis the season)

Santa Frost (‘Tis the season)

Recorded At ‘The Dark Room’, Paris, France, December 2009.
(Available via the holy blog – A christmas present)

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/Deck The Halls/We Three Kings


Hear ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ :


Not Of This World !


Garage Monsters – The Best of the GaragePunk Hideout, Vol. 9

Your ultimate definitive Halloween compilation, featuring the bloody track ‘A Bloody Life’.

More info HERE

© 2012 / GRGPNK Records




Hidden Tracks – The Best of the GaragePunk Hideout, Vol. 5

An excellent compilation featuring the excellent Bloody Tomahawks’ ‘Bursting Love’ track,

on the excellent Hideout comps !

More info HERE

© 2011 / GRGPNK Records


The Bloody Tomahawks – 7″ 45 WARPATH #1 (Whoopee/Bursting Love)

The Bloody Tomahawks (Shouting Thomas Torment & Reverend Frost) DEBUT 45!

Whoopee (Tomahawk Mix – Written By His Frostiness)
Bursting Love (Written by Sir Shouting Thomas Torment)

Plus, it comes shipped with a link to a special Mp3 download !

Get ’em while you can HERE !!!

© 2011 / Slab Of Fury Records