South of Hell, France ! [7th Anniversary Edition]

Hell-O !

Okay folks, here’s the awaited news !

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of my first effort album, ‘South Of Hell, France (Spread The Good Word, Vol.1)’, we’ve decided to launch a special edition on the 14th of February, just to prove that we love y’all !

It’ll be available as an mp3 long-play album on Amazon, Itunes, Deezer and Spotify, also as a limited physical cd on Amazon exclusively. Crazy.

Crazy, because it contains the original lp (10 tracks), plus 11 bonus tracks (yep, crank to eleven), in other words, every outtake will be on it ! 21 tracks, now that’s a long-play !

Well, if you wonder, 7 is my lucky number, and we thought it was about time to put this lo-fi motherfuyer back into the world again ! A slight mastering from the original master tapes and boom, you have it.

Originally released by the New-York label ‘Closed For Private Party’ in 2006, the whole idea was, mostly, covering songs that put me into music in the first place, and take them apart and rebuild them to get there faster and more dangerously.

Someone wrote on a music blog :
‘What it really sounds like is something that would come from a dusty old 45, full of burly, southern rhythm and blues. His latest release, South of Hell, France, rocks like a young, belligerent and drunk Jerry Lee Lewis.’
(I owe this person a beer.)

All songs have been recorded in my hometown of Aix-en-Provence back in 2006 in 3 weeks, on an old Tascam 8-track cassette recorder, my old DeArmond Starfire Special semi-hollow body sunburst (…), my old piano, a broken drum-kit, a borrowed bass, a borrowed double-bass, my old maracas, a harmonica microphone for the voice, a bottle of Whiskey, my old Marshall Amp, plus any other instrument I could get my hands on, and yes, you can also hear me banging on a fryin’ pan on ‘White Lightning’ !

So, before stage II (the legendary ‘Every Goddam Thing To Hell’ album), and before stage III (the also legendary next album, ‘Bloody Works!’), there was a time for Lo-Lo-Fi recordings, there was a time I had no beard, there was a time I was playin’ live every single week, in other words, there was a time for screamin’, shoutin’ and stompin’ rock’n’roll !

This album’s called ‘South Of Hell, France !’, and it is with great honour and pleasure that we’re bringing it back to life !
Some say the best things you’ve done in life are the first ones, so I hope you’ll enjoy this one, as much as I did enjoy making it !

Hell Yeah !

His Frostiness.

South Of Hell, France ! (7th Anniversary Edition)

[The Original Album]
01 Deep River (Trad.)
02 I Walk The Line (Cash)
03 All The Way Home (St.Hubbins/Tuffnel)
04 White Lightning (Wooley)
05 Sway (Gimbel/Ruiz)
06 I Saw The Light (Williams)
07 Way Down In The Hole (Waits)
08 Desert Song (Birnbacher)
09 Mercedes Benz (Joplin)
10 You Belong To Me (King/Stewart/Price)

[Bonus Tracks]
11 Madman (Wages)
12 County Hell (Hanging Johnny’s Rope) (Birnbacher)
13 Saint James Infirmary (Trad.)
14 Come On Little Mama (Harris/Cogswell)
15 Sweet Love On My Mind (Burnette)
16 Midnight Train (Burnette)
17 Little Death (Birnbacher)
18 Everybody’s In The Tomb (Dixon – arr. Birnbacher)
19 I’m Going Back Home (Stevenson)
20 Desert Song II (Demo) (Birnbacher)
21 We Shall All Be Reunited (Karnes)

Personal :
Thomas ‘Rev. Frost’ Birnbacher – All Noises (instruments) & Vocals
(Saxophone on ‘Madman’ – Dr. Fred Azzorin, PhD)

Recorded At ‘The Crypt’, South of Hell, France, December 2005.
Released by Closed For Private Party Records, New-York, Usa – © 2006
7th Anniversary Edition, STGW Records, © 2013

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2 Responses to “South of Hell, France ! [7th Anniversary Edition]”

  1. Dr Rex

    HELL YEAH!!!!!
    I luuuuv your first lp ! thanks !

  2. Rev. Frost

    Thank YOU Dr. Rex, glad you enjoy this one !

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